Choco Parents’ Day

This year, the parents day will take place on the 6th of April. On this day parents of the freshmen of study’s Computer Science and Applied Mathematics can participate in multiple activities on the faculty EEMCS and in Delft, together with their son or daughter. This way, parents are able to see what their child’s student-life is like.

The parents day will be divided in a morning programme and afternoon programme.
The morning programme will start between 9:00 and 9:45 and will focus on education. There will be lectures given by some of our own professors and the Dean. There will also be a tour around the faculty. This all will fully take place in the faculty EEMCS, mekelweg 4 Delft. The morning programme will end with a lunch at 12:15. If you have any lunch preferences please let us know using this form:

All activities in the afternoon programme are optional. After lunch, at 13:15, we’ll walk from the faculty to the city centre for the boat trips. This is a 30 minute walk. You can also choose to go by car and park in the city centre. For those who have more trouble walking, we can bring you to the city centre with the car of the study association. If you want to use this option, please let us know beforehand.

You’ll be able to register for a boat trip slot in the morning, please take the boat at the time slot you signed up for. The boats depart from Koornmarkt 113. Otherwise, we recommend you to take this afternoon to let your child show you the places in the city he/she visits often. This way, you really get to know the student life of your child.

After the activities there will be a possibility to have a drink with a pubquiz in our very own /Pub, underneath the EEMCS building. This will start at 17:30. During lunch, it will be possible to pre-order a pizza for dinner.

Tickets for the morning and afternoon programme can be bought at: 
The registration closes at the 24th of March


  • At which time will the event end?
    This depends on your preferences. If you are only participating in the morning programme you’ll be done at 13:00. If you also purchased the boat trip, you’ll be divided in shifts at 14:00, 15:00 and 16:00. Before and after the boat trip you are free to walk around the city with your child. Then, if you want to join the evening programme you’ll be done around 20:00.
  • Do students also have to buy a ticket?
    Yes, everyone who comes to the parents day needs a ticket.
  • Do parents really have to be in Delft at 9:00?
    The opening of the event starts at 9:30. Parents have to be there before 9:45

If you have any other questions please contact us at


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