Knowledge entrepreneurs for flood risk and water management

HKV is a consultancy firm which provides state-of-the-art services in the areas of flood risk and water management. We have around 75 employees and work both in The Netherlands and internationally. Our services are largely knowledge based. This knowledge is developed and applied together with our clients, which typically consist of the Dutch Water Authorities, Rijkswaterstaat, Dutch and international governments, The World Bank, The European Commission and private companies. We also work in close cooperation with universities and research institutes. Of our budget, 10% is reserved for research and development, which includes PhD-research, publications, and product development. All our employees have academic backgrounds in civil engineering, mathematics, physics, meteorology, or earth sciences. 

We provide consultancy services around management of floods and droughts in the broadest sense: rivers, deltas, coastal areas, polders, and cities, now and in future climate situations. Mathematics and physics play a key role in our work. Statistical and probabilistic methods are used in risk assessments and development of mitigating measures. Optimization and systems control are applied to operational water systems, for example to reduce energy-use of pumping stations and to ensure optimal operation of hydropower dams. A large part of our work consists of the combination of physics with (numerical) mathematics, applied to hydraulic, weather and climate modelling. Data science and artificial intelligence are used in all domains of our work, from precipitation nowcasting to monitoring dikes.

Our work is strongly embedded in society and policy making. We translate our cutting-edge technologies and knowledge to practical applications, used for solving societal issues and answering questions from policy makers. Our studies often have a high impact on policy decisions. We are always looking for new colleagues, who like to make an impact with their analytical and technical skills.


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