Developing the World’s First Digital Captain

Captain AI will make safe autonomous shipping a reality. Captain AI works closely together with the Port of Rotterdam Authority in a pilot project to make a safe and reliable system operational on their RPA vessel. Captain AI aims to apply the latest development of reinforcement learning and machine vision to make a complete autopilot for ships a reality.

In addition we have access to one of the few certified high fidelity maritime simulators in the world,  NAUTIS, a product from our partner VSTEP. This simulator allows us to scale our learning, and minimize the need for costly and dangerous real life training. It can simulate any port, ship and weather condition. See the video below to get a glimpse of this simulator.



Safety, human error and port congestion are all elements that will be solved by full autonomy. Our digital captain will learn to navigate under all parameters over time: different weather conditions, port rulings, business drivers and ship specifications. The Captain AI model is general and available for any ship owner.


As a student, you’ll be working side-by-side with AI experts. You’ll work on the forefront of development and experiment with new techniques such as reinforcement learning, and get to see your code in action, from state-of-the-art virtual simulation to exciting real world scenarios.

Graduation and Internships

If you are graduating or looking for other internships, Captain AI has the perfect spot for you. We are combing applied research with real world testing and virtual simulation experiments. Aid us in our quest to make autonomous shipping come true!

If you just graduated, or are looking for a side-job during your studies, there might be possibilities for that as well.

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