Crypto markets grow rapidly and are heavily fragmented across exchanges and products. As a
result, there’s a significant need for liquidity for an efficient and decentralized digital asset

At Fourstroke, we’re seizing this opportunity with our in-house build market-making platform
that’s tailored to cryptocurrency markets. With our platform we capitalize on cross-exchange,
cross-product, and cross-protocol (defi) market-making opportunities. By providing 24/7 liquidity
to the order books and quoting tight spreads, our trading operations contribute to an efficient and
decentralized digital asset ecosystem. We are securely funded, and we have a multi-year track
record of high and consistent trading revenue.

Our team currently consists of the two co-founders, who have a strong background in software
engineering and product management (both studied at TU Delft). They are passionate about
developing cutting-edge trading software and want to accelerate the development of their
market-making platform by expanding their team with talented software engineers.
Are you a software engineer? Then this could be your opportunity to join an ambitious
cryptocurrency trading startup as one of the first employees. You’ll get a huge opportunity to
shape, not just our platform, but the industry as well.

Do you want to know more? Just drop us an email to schedule an informal video call with one of
the co-founders or visit our office in Amsterdam for a coffee.