Where great minds work

Working in ICD means contributing to solutions for the future. Over 3,500 motivated professionals – from university graduates to production employees – opted for a career in high-tech industry at one of our companies. They enjoy the challenge of using each other’s knowledge to develop high-end and unique products and to manufacture these products. Besides being the center of privately funded R&D in the Northern Netherlands, we are also a group of first-rate, high-tech manufacturing companies unique in Northwestern Europe. This makes us attractive to students who want to develop a future-oriented career in high-tech industry. Innovationcluster Drachten, where great minds work!


Sector High-Tech Systems & Materials
Employees 3.500
University graduates 600
Internships 50
Active in 100 countries </td.
Results 50 product introductions per year worldwide
Areas 3D printing, big data, robotics, internet of things, alternative energy