What we do

“We create Business Platforms that connect people and businesses to help them be more efficient and work smarter!”

 As ‘The Platform Engineers’ and ‘The Platform Investors’, TJIP presents itself to its environment as platform specialists. The focus lies on development, investment, and exploitation of these platforms: for clients, with partners, or entirely in-house.

Engineering Smart Platforms

Together with clients and partners, TJIP developed an execution method that makes Business Platforms successful: the Smart Platforming Model. This model incorporates all lessons and insights that have been collected over the years in the areas of financing, organising, and execution of complex platform development processes.

How we do this

Our goal is to bring Business Platforms to life and to make technique subservient to the wishes and requirements of the users.

To achieve this, TJIP addresses and eliminates all barriers on the road to digital transformation, no matter if they are of a personnel, technical, or financial nature. Our experts build the platforms that are needed to connect professionals with each other and to make digital transformation a reality.

We do this in collaboration with our clients and partners, sometimes on commission, sometimes at our own initiative, but always as The Platform Engineers.

Everything we develop is ISO 27001 certified, which means that our information security across the entire organisation is procedurally guaranteed.