A little bit about us
Warp Industries is a young, innovative and ambitious startup with a passionate and enthusiastic team. We make software for virtual reality trainings. Think of airplane mechanics who are in a hangar for an evacuation training. Somebody next to you falls to the ground for a CPR training. Or an angry client is addressing you for a leadership training. This unique combination of VR, 360˚ video and interaction make our trainings almost indistinguishable from the real thing.  Want to know more? Watch the movie below.


So you make software?

Yes, that’s right! We make software that enables clients to create supercool VR trainings. Our software consists out of an online platform in combination with mobile apps for iOS and Android. On the platform the VR trainings are developed, in the mobile apps the trainings are played. And all of this is done based on 360˚ video.

We are very proud of our clients who are currently using our software. We can count Air France-KLM, Vopak, Gazprom and AMC to our client base.

For all these clients we develop the same product. We therefore do not work for one client at a time. Quality is very important to us. We do not work for deadlines for individual clients, everything we develop is for everyone. So writing code at our company has a high impact on all our trainings.


What do we expect from you?

  • You have a couple of years experience as a software developer and you can understand existing code easily.
  • We work agile, this means that priorities might shift rapidly. It is important that you can cope with these changes.
  • You decide yourself what development tasks you work on. You are therefore independent and you take responsibility for your own work.
  • You are a realistic perfectionist. What you love to do is writing clean code and to test it on a continual basis.
  • You are results oriented. You are creative in achieving your goals with new tools, or re-written existing code, or quick at testing your own new code.
  • You are able to show a lot of initiative. You are willing to learn in order to achieve more every day. You want to keep up with the latest technologies since within a short time a lot changes in the VR industry.
  • You like working in a small team that achieves big things.
  • You are not afraid to be challenged in other areas than coding.


Why would you work at Warp Industries?

Maybe you currently have a great job, however we think that we can offer your more.

  • Flexibility: This is something we think is very important. You determine yourself where and when you work. Of course you are at meetings, but working a day from the office is also no problemo. Also we do not ‘manage you’, you can therefore decide a lot yourself. You decide your own work-life balance.
  • Learning: We grow and will continue to grow, as a company but also as people. We believe we should continuously learn and share with one another. This enables us to become better and stronger, as individual and as a team.
  • Impact: We are a small team, therefore you can rapidly make an impact. Together we determine how our product will look and how it will work. And because we al ready have big clients, you can also make a huge impact in the world of mobile learning.
  • Innovation: We do not only work on the newest technologies, but also with the newest forms of learning. And if that is not enough, our office is at a world renown incubator (YES!Delft) with a lot of ambitious and innovative startups. There is a lot going here and it’s all cutting edge!
  • Team: You will work with passionate, enthusiastic and fun (or as the Dutch call it ‘gezellige’) colleagues. They all have an entrepreneurial mindset, and they all want to make the world a better place by doing. Oh, and we also have a nicely filled Smeg refrigerator. Filled with champagne and beer, because we love to celebrate our successes….and the weekend.

For more information about Warp go to https://warpvr.com

Do you want to know more about how you can do a graduate assignment? Or you are looking for a (part-time) job? You can contact Adriaan Rijkens (Co-founder & CTO Warp) directly through adriaan@warp.industries or 0633057560 (you can call or Whatsapp).