Internship trading & software engineering

Apply for an internship in trading & software engineering

Are you a student or graduate student with a background in programming or mathematics and love to build cool stuff? We work on both math, machine learning and computer science problems. Agga Capital is an algorithmic trading firm, and we are looking to recruit a software engineering intern with:

  • a background in econometrics, math, physics or computer science
  • at least 2 years of programming skills in any language
  • preferably backend-oriented

About the role

Our team is currently consists of 2 full-time members and 3 interns with experience in Backtesting & Algorithmic trading strategies. Depending on your background and interests, you will be working with the team on either infrastructure and/or development and implementation of trading strategies.

Our current framework runs on a combination of Go and Python but if you already have experience working with another programming language (eg. Java, C# ,C++) then you will be fine. Most interns come in without special knowledge of Python and learn it quickly within the role.


We offer a salary of 500 euros per month, plus you will be able to enjoy free lunches, test your skills at our weekly table-football championships and drink unlimited beer on Friday. Expect to work hard, learn fast and have a lot of fun!

We are a young company with a passionate and small team, which means this role will give you the opportunity to significantly contribute to the success of the company.

About Agga Capital

Agga Capital is centered around capturing value from the emerging cryptocurrency sector. To do this, we operate a proprietary, in-house hedge fund, as well as releasing high-demand SaaS (or licenced) apps for traders. Our team has experience ranging from discretionary trading and quantitative trading systems to computer sciences. We are developing a robust trading system capable of trading on many (and between) exchanges. We already have an alpha version of the system working and our goal is to run a diverse set of portfolios utilising active capital management through algorithmic/systematic trading.


If you are interested in applying for the role, we want to hear more about you and your interests – please send a CV and cover letter to:
Mark Offerman
0031 6 43 69 15 23