Webinterface Ampelmann system


Ampelmann systems are fitted on various vessels to make offshore access possible. These various vessels have different demands on what they want to know from the Ampelmann in operation. Some only need radio contact from the bridge with Ampelmann operator, others like detailed Ampelmann system data to make their operation safer and more efficient. Examples of presented data are gangway extension, inclination, Greengo values and Alams.

The last years we see a trend in integrating the Ampelmann with the vessel to be more efficient. We get more requests to have screens on the vessel with Ampelmann data or other means of integration with the vessel.

Our current way of presenting the data needed on the vessel bridge is putting an HMI (Human Machine Interface) or dedicated designed screen.

In future we want to have a flexible screen, web interface presentable on all different kind of screens. The user must be able to build his/her own dashboard based on widgets out of standard library.

The focus of this research topic must be on the user interface and easy usability. The data and webserver are already available on the Ampelmann systems.

Supervisor: Jurjen de Vriend

Interested? Send a motivation letter and CV through www.ampelmann.nl/careers