Business Development – Internship

About the role 

This role involves working with various groups in the firm on regulatory and strategic issues that impact the global business. It involves project management, data analysis, contributions to policies and procedures, developing improvements to the efficiency of the group’s organization and working processes. With experience, the role will include training and advising the business on regulatory matters.

  • Data & Document Analysis
  • Examining complex data sets and written documents, extrapolating relevant information, and communicating relevant information effectively to members of other teams.
  • Process Management/Improvement
  • Simplifying existing processes, looking for issues or bottlenecks in current procedures and implementing solutions
  • Time Management
  • Keeping up with projects that have lots of moving pieces, prioritising, making sure information is reported accurately and efficiently.
  • Collaboration
  • Doing all of these things in conjunction with members of your own group as well as members of other groups at Jane Street, having frequent discussions to share and brainstorm new ideas and learning from those around you.


About You

  • Bachelor’s and Master’s degree undergraduates
  • Careful, thoughtful, organised, and detail-oriented
  • Good judgment and analytical thinking
  • Good communication and project-management skills
  • Proactive and self-motivated with strong interpersonal skills