Embedded Electrical Engineer

Within our Industrial Automation technology program, we develop Automated Electrical Testing solutions that provide the required quality control and electronic features to ensure the products we manufacture meet our customers’ specifications.

These industrial automation solutions are used in our manufacturing department, shortly after PCBA production, to ensure zero electrical defects and software that is functional.

Activities in your work could include working on shaping the future of Prodrive Technologies’ Test Framework, designing mechatronic equipment for product quality control, and implementing your design in our high-end manufacturing lines. The systems you design will be used for white-box in-circuit and black-box functional testing.

In general, you will be responsible for the design, documentation, and verification of individual process control setups. These activities require good communication with the involved customers and stakeholders. You will interact a lot with different engineers from the development department, manufacturing department, and your own team. Finally, you have experience in or affinity with electronics, programming in C/C++, industrial automation, and quality control.


  • The desire to drive to excel in your field of work
  • BSc. Or MSc. Electrical Engineering, Computer Science or affiliated studies
  • Experience in or affinity with electronics and programming in C, C++
  • Analytical skills
  • Relevant work experience is not required
  • A practical way of thinking

Apply as Embedded Electrical Engineer