Embedded software engineer

At Prodrive Technologies, you can be working on the software that powers our in-house developed hardware. As Prodrive Technologies develops fully integrated solutions for our customers, we develop a broad range of low level and embedded software powering motion control, vision, robotics, computing and IOT. You can be involved in the entire design process, such as discussing requirements with our customers, writing specifications, conceptual and detailed designing, qualification and finally releasing for production. We are looking for software engineers with a strong affinity towards electronics, who are not afraid to open up a schematics document to customize software for our integrated solutions. If tuning your applications for different CPU/GPU/FPGA/Hybrid architectures, multi core/multi CPU and other optimization techniques is what interests you, join our team as an Embedded Software Engineer!


  • BSc, BEng or MSc in Computer Science
  • C/C++ for DSPs/MCUs at a low software level
  • Implementing control loops and microcontrollers like ARM (Cortex-M) or TI C2000 etc.

Applications and languages:

  • Embedded Linux, Kernel development, RTOS development for operating systems
  • FPGA VHDL System Verilog for digital design
  • C/C++/Rust

Possible on a part time base | full time base | internship | graduation

The job offering can be found here: https://prodrive-technologies.com/careers/vacancies/application-software-engineer/

More information on Prodrive and her job openings, visit: