Graduation Projects Software Development

State-of-the-art design software needs ambitious people. Being a leading software developer for building services urges us to look for the best developers out there. If you are passionate about product software development, look no further. At Stabiplan we have a dynamic work environment that energizes people to get the most out of themselves.

Starting the first day at Stabiplan you will be part of one of the development teams that collaborates closely with our colleagues in Romania. Your broad interest (cloud, desktop, server) lets you contribute to several parts of the development process. Together with your colleagues you like making good products even better.

We strongly believe in the power of students. Therefore we offer challenging internships and graduation projects to jumpstart your career. Your job not listed? Feel free to inquire about the possibilities.

Create a new implementation of the Stabicad database conversion tool 
Currently there is a conversion tool to upgrade old Stabicad databases to a newer version. This tool is written in Delphi and must be recreated. Points of attention are extensibility and maintainability.

App to update content in projects based on various sources 
Building designs in Revit contains a lot of content. This content is called families. In the families a lot of information is included.
During the development and maintenance stage of a project these content must be upgraded to contain the most recent information.
The information can be fetched from different databases and webservices. The user must be able to influence what is updated.

Functionality to measure Stabicad usage
Functionality must be created to measure the usage of our products. Data about usage must be gathered locally and send to a webservice.
The functionality must be developed in a way it is easy to create extra measure points in the software.
The gathered information must be made visible in a web interface.

Required skills
In this job you will both design and code for new and existing functionality. We understand that to do a great job you need up-to-date tooling, like C#, ASP.NET Visual Studio, NuGet, Entitiy Framework, C++,.NET4, MVC (web) and WPF. Your drive to build top-notch products and your willingness to learn and collaborate help to focus on our common goal: enthusiast customers all over Europe.

Want to know more?
Get in touch with our recruiter Tim Blok or Denise Pet via or +31 172 65 02 65. Feel free to drop her your CV and/or inquire about de possibilities.