Information Brochure

Within the faculty there are many rules, requirements and standards. The retrieval of this information is sometimes difficult, which is why we as a study association have compiled the most important information and put together in an information booklet.

Information Brochure 2019/2020

PDF, ­3.8 MB

In addition to the attached digital version, there are also hard copies available at W.I.S.V. ‘Christiaan Huygens’.

Mathematics Bachelor Project Brochure [in Dutch]

To better prepare mathematics students for the Bachelor Project (BEP), the current information provision has been supplemented with a brochure. This brochure contains general information about the organisation and progress of the BEP, as well as experiences of students. For each department, students have written a short piece on the content of their BEP, supplemented with personal experiences.

Mathematics Bachelor Project Brochure 2019/2020 [in Dutch]

PDF, ­1.9 MB

Minor Booklet

Every year, the Commissioners of Education make the minor journal. In this booklet you can find stories of mathematics and computer science students about their experiences of minors at TU Delft, free minors, minors at other universities in the Netherlands or minors abroad. It also contains practical information on deadlines, contact details of minor coordinators and the selection procedure.

The booklet will be distributed during college. Did you miss it? The paper version is available at W.I.S.V. `Christiaan Huygens’, the digital version can be found below.

Minor Booklet

PDF, ­789.2 KB


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