Educational updates

  • Focus group master Applied Mathematics

    At the 21st of June at 12:45-13:45, the focus group of Applied Mathematics will meet in the Snijderszaal. In this focus group, students will discuss the second semester and give tips to improve the education, toghether with the mastercoordinator Martin van Gijzen.

    posted 29 May 2017 by irisk
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  • Survey instruction Applied Mathematics

    The past weeks the Board of Studies of Applied Mathematics has been busy with the instructions in the bachelor. Are you an Applied Mathematics student? Fill in the survey on and help us with your feedback!

    posted 8 May 2017 by irisk
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  • FSC interest drinks

    This Monday, the 27th of March, the Faculty Student Council (FSC) will host interest drinks in the /Pub.

    posted 24 March 2017 by irisk
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  • Boek Randomized Algorithms weer beschikbaar

    The book “Randomized Algorithms” was reordered and arrived today. The book is available at the bookcounter of CH.

    posted 8 March 2017 by irisk
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  • Delivery book Software Systems (IN4315) delayed

    The book ‘Software Systems Architecture: Working with stakeholders using vieuwpoints and perspectives’ (ISBN: 9780321718334) will arrive in about two weeks. There’s been an malfunction at the printer of the book, which delayed the delivery.

    posted 2 March 2017 by irisk
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  • Wrong book IT & Values

    In the first week of the third quarter is the wrong book for the third year course “IT & Values” (WM0328TI) of the bachelor Computer Science.

    posted 21 February 2017 by irisk
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  • More study locations in EWI

    Are you in need of a place to study and is there no space left at the library or EWI? Then you are in luck!

    posted 24 January 2017 by thomaso
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  • Book sale 2nd quarter

    The booksale for the second quarter will start comming wednesday the 9th of November. As usual, the books will be available at a discount at the bookdesk of the studyassociation ‘Christiaan Huygens’.

    posted 7 November 2016 by irisk
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  • Bachelor graduation

    Within a couple of weeks, the bachelor graduation ceremony will take place.

    posted 23 October 2016 by irisk
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  • Boeken Wiskundige Structuren zijn binnen

    The books of Mathematical Structures ” Analysis with an Introduction to Proof” have arrived. The arrival was a bit delayed, due to an error in the production at our book supplier Pearson. They are now available at our bookdesk.

    posted 5 October 2016 by irisk
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