Educational updates

  • Prices books first quarter

    The prices of the books of the first quarter are now available by clicking here.

    posted 23 August 2017 by irisk
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  • Booksale first quarter

    Due to circumstances the booksale wil start on Tuesday the 22th of August instead of Monday the 21th.

    posted 23 August 2017 by irisk
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  • Book sale Q1

    Due to circumstances, the book sale will start on Tuesday the 22nd of August at 11:00

    posted 21 August 2017 by marcc
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  • Books first quarter

    Books for the first quarter will be available from Monday the 21th of August (start OWee) at the bookcounter of the studyassociation. The list of books and prizes will be published here soon.

    posted 2 August 2017 by irisk
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  • Survey Collegerama

    At the moment the Student Council is conducting a survey about the courses which are available on Collegerama. They’re trying to get more funding available in order to record more courses for Collegerama.

    posted 28 June 2017 by irisk
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  • Free books

    Because of the move of the faculty of EEMCS, teachers have collected the books which they don’t need anymore and placed them in the cupboard on the 2nd floor. These books are free to take home for those interested!

    posted 21 June 2017 by irisk
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  • Winners Teacher of the Year award

    On Monday the 11th of June the annual Teacher of the Year awards were handed out! For those who missed it, below you can find the winners!

    Applied Mathematics:

    posted 21 June 2017 by irisk
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  • Registration Master Kick-Off open!

    Will you start your master at EEMCS in September 2017? Register now for the obligatory Master Kick-Off! The MKO will take place on September 4th till September 6th 2017. The enrolment deadline is the 15th of July.

    posted 14 June 2017 by irisk
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  • Extra study areas in exam weeks

    In week 4.10 en 4.11 extra study areas will be available at the faculty EEMCS.

    Week 4.10 (26 june-2 juli):

    mon/tue/wed: lecture halls H, J & K

    posted 7 June 2017 by irisk
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  • Master Science Communication & Education

    Many masterstudents don’t know that it’s possible to combine your master with the Science Communication or Science Education (SEC) track. This is a shame, since these tracks are specifically designed for a double degree master (2 masters in 3 years).

    posted 31 May 2017 by irisk
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