T.U.E.S.Day Lecture: Mathematics
2018-11-20 @ 12:45
Lecture hall Ampere
T.U.E.S.Day Lecture by Teun Janssen and Céline Swennenhuis. Subject: Optimizing the Throughput of the Photolithography Bay. Scheduling on Parallel Machines with a Single Resource.
MaPhyA pre-activity
2018-11-21 @ 18:00
/Pub & 't Karrewiel
Have a pizza in the /Pub and play a game of bowling with your double-degree friends before heading to the WiFi-party!
WiFi Party!
2018-11-21 @ 22:00
STECK: 25, Kromstraat 25, 2611 EP Delft
A party organised by the WiFi!