Day at the Lake

vrijdag 2 juni 2017,
15:00 t/m 22:00
€ 2,00
Delftse Hout

Sunshine, a variety of games, beer, snacks, do we need to say more? On June 2th, the LuCie will host the Lustrum Day at the Lake at the ‘Delftse Hout’. If you buy a ticket for just €2, you wil get access to Plot Twister (the brand new Lustrum Game!), Kubb, Frisbee, Volleybal, Beach tennis, Bounce ball and more. You will also receive 1L of beer, a glas of soda, chips and nuts. The Day at the Lake will start at 15.00, there will be a pizza list (at your own expense).

Next to an epic relaxed day, the Day at the Lake will also contain the Lustrum Game Auction. During this auction, you can try to outbid your fellow gamers and buy epic prices! The auction will start at 17.00.

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