T.U.E.S.Day Lecture: TNO

Companies and institutions are collecting more and more data. Data that can be very valuable, but also very sensitive. For example, a banking institution can detect money laundering based on transaction data, but you may not want all banks to know where your money is going. And although medical research certainly has advantages, you may have reservations about the distribution of your patient files. An independent, reliable party could provide a solution in these cases, but couldn’t it be easier now?

And it is! During this lecture I will give an introduction to Secure Multi-Party Computation (MPC). MPC is a toolbox with cryptographic techniques to do a joint calculation on shared data, with the mathematical guarantee that no party learns more about the data than only the outcome of the calculation. Specifically, I will discuss a number of techniques and give corresponding practical examples. I will also demonstrate a protocol with which you will never again (publicly) be rejected; an indispensable piece of knowledge in your student life.

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