Lunch Lecture by Prof. L.J.M. Rothkrantz

One of our honorary members will give an interesting lecture about automated surveillance system based on face recognition.

At this moment surveillance systems based on face recognition are operational in China. Big Brother is watching you has been realised. An interesting aspect is the privacy of civilians. Don’t be afraid if you have nothing to hide is a well known argumant to introduce such surveillance systems. Surveillance systems can be used to prevent terroristic attacks. But the privacy aspect remains.

Rothkrantz studied Mathematics at the University of Utrecht and finished his PhD at the University of Amsterdam. After his appointment as studentscounselor at TUDelft he started a study Psychogology at the University of Leiden. His final thesis was on data analytics a hot topic at this moment. During the lecture Rothkrantz will highlight the advantages and disadvantages of completing two academic studies.

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