Lunch Lecture: NAVARA

Ever wondered how tens of thousands of households get real-time insights into their energy usage? Or how you can safely transfer money from your phone? At Navara, we write software that makes an impact on the world. You might have used one of our applications without even knowing it, as a client of Triodos or Essent or when you have been transported by an ambulance.

We create software, starting from the smallest concept up to the rollout to millions of users. With our in-house design studio, we support customers in the design thinking process and construct prototypes in mere weeks instead of months. Our engineers build CI/CD pipelines, setup automated testing frameworks and provision the environments so there is a seamless transition from design to development. After each development sprint we present the new functionality to the client to close the customer feedback loop.

Join us for this lunch lecture by NAVARA. Doors close at 12:45, lunch is included!

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