CH Pub Quiz

Dear potential pub quiz CHampion,

Since this is a remote quiz, we expect you to read these rules carefully before entering the quiz, so everything can go as smoothly as possible.

  • The Kahoot Quiz will be hosted via YouTube. Since this is a live stream, there is a delay of ~3 seconds. As long as you try to answer the questions as quickly as possible, you should have enough time (which is at least 15 seconds per question, taking delay into account). In principle, one can attend the pub quiz with just watching this stream, but you will miss the hosts’ commentary (which might be apparent by on-stream delay in between questions).
  • The hosts will be in a Zoom call that you can join via this link. Here, you can listen to the hosts’ commentary and interact with the hosts in between questions/rounds. Of course, you can also communicate with them via the Zoom chat if the voice chat is too rowdy.
  • The Kahoot Quiz will start at 20:00, you can join the Zoom link from 19:30 on. 
  • You are allowed to team up with other members to play under one name, but only one prize will be awarded. You are allowed to be in a (separate) call with your teammate(s).
  • The board is not responsible for inaccurate or wrongly formulated questions or rounds.
  • There might be a surprise at the end, so be sure to stay tuned!
  • Most importantly, enjoy! 🙂