Cook-along: make Ratatouille with the SjaarCie!

Ever wondered what the dish from the movie Ratatouille would taste like? Cook along with our french chef George from the SjaarCie and make a delicious (vegan) Ratatouille. To kick things off, we will start with a Swingo (song Bingo) at 17:00. The winner of this Swingo will win a unique CH-apron!

The cook-along will be hosted on Zoom. You can join now!

To be able to cook along with us, you need to buy the ingredients beforehand. For 2 people, the recipe is as follows:
1x Clove of garlic
1x Eggplant
1x Courgette
1x Bell pepper
2x Onions
1x Can of sliced tomatoes or pasta sauce with seasoning

See you then!