Lunch Lecture: Harvest

On Tuesday December 15, Harvest will take you into the world of Docker on the basis of a practical case. Central to this is the development of a portal at one of our customers. We will explain what role Docker plays in the realization of this portal and why and which implementation choices have been made. What we have encountered in practice and what are the do’s and don’ts?

With this interactive lecture we give you insight into what is involved in developing a customer portal using Docker. Marinus Geuze (CTO) shares the gained experience with you and what a successful approach has turned out! When time permits, we will also give a hands-on demo during the lecture.

Harvest is a Talent Incubator for software and data talent. We help you, as a graduated talent, in the accelerated development of your potential. In addition, we advise our customers to make your future workplace as attractive as possible. The result is the realization of business impact. Our ultimate goal is: Building the Tech Leaders of Tomorrow from the Graduates of Today.

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