BBQ – Master Your Start

To welcome you all to your new studies, CH organizes an in-person BBQ for master students! It’s the perfect way to get to know your fellow students, while enjoying some nice drinks and food (vegan as well)! The regulations only allow for 50 master students, so make sure to register quickly!

We follow the most recent COVID-19 guidelines from the RIVM, and expect you to do the same. This means that everyone should maintain 1.5 meter distance at all times.

You can choose between three menus:
• Burger
• Chicken Satay
• Sausage
• Vegetables
• Vegan burger
• Vegetables
• Corn
• Aubergine
• Chicken satay
• Vegetables
• Corn
• Portobello

All menus include:
• 3 drinks
• Fresh salads
• Baguettes
• Sauces

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