Freshmen Speed Date Dinner

On the 25th of February the annual freshmen dinner will be held on Zoom. It’s an activity where you can meet some of your fellow freshmen through a couple of speed dates and a fun quiz!

Do you live in Delft?
If you live in Delft, you can order a three-course dinner box from the restaurant Wijnhaven for only €3. You can choose between a vegetarian or a ‘regular’ box. It will be delivered during the day on the 25th, so make sure you can be home to receive it. The package contains a full three-course meal that only needs some heating up. The instructions for that will be provided in the box. The specific menu can be found in the form here!

Don’t live in Delft?
No problem! You can still participate in the speed date with your own meal, of course!

We hope to welcome you in one of our Zoom Restaurants at 17:30. We will begin with a couple of speed dates while eating the first course. Have your first course ready when entering. Around 18:00 you will have some time to prepare the main course before we start the second round of speed dates. After the main course we will have desert while we play a quiz. At the end of the night you are very welcome to stay in the Zoom Restaurant and talk to each other or join the discord to meet the freshmen from the other Restaurants! The Zoom link will be sent to you by email.

Let us know you want to join the Speed Date Dinner by filling in this form. If you choose to have the dinner delivered to you, also buy the ticket below.

You have to sign up before the 21st of February. Hope to see you soon!

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