ComMA Story Night

Are you tired of studying in your room all day? Are you desperately wishing to catch a glimpse of other living beings? Fellow Master students in particular… Are you also somehow longing for a mysterious prize? Well, wait no more! The ComMA is here to answer all of your prayers! We present to you: Story Night!

This is an exciting event on the 11th of February, where we all get to know each other better through story telling (online)! You, the eager participants, will be randomly distributed into small groups. Then, after an introductory round with your group members, you will be given a couple of prompts to come up with an interesting story! You get a limited amount of time, so get creative! Finally, you present your made-up story in front of the other groups and the ComMA judges! Through public vote, the most fun and entertaining stories will be nominated. The top 3 winners will all get unique and awesome rewards!

This routine-breaking event will definitely spice up your life and you will be able to make new friends too. So what is stopping you from joining?

You can join the zoom via this link!

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