Delft Algorithm Programming Contest

Several programming contests are organised every year by universities and other organisations. The participants of these contests work in teams of three people. Every team tries to solve as many algorithmic problems as possible within a set time limit (usually five hours) by writing computer programs. The contests consist of a few preliminaries of which DAPC is the first. All students of the TU Delft can participate so if you are interested in solving puzzles and writing algorithms you can register for this event for free!

The ticket ‘sale’ has opened!

Clicking the button below will redirect you to the website of ICPC, where all team members will need to make an account to sign up for the event. When creating a team, DO tick the box “I also want to participate as contestant”. The person who creates your team, will initially be the “contestant coach” of this team. After creating a team, you can select “Thomas Verwoerd” to be the coach of your team.