Come celebrate the birthday of the most beautiful study association of Delft, Christiaan Huygens, in the DIES week! The DIES week will take place on March 23 through March 25 and this year’s theme is CH on the BeaCH! We will bring you the tropical and festive vibes that you might have been missing during these unusual times. Despite not being able to host any physical activities, we know for sure that it will be the most unique DIES week in the history of CH! This will be the schedule for the DIES week:
– Crazy 64
During the DIES week there will be an ongoing challenge where you will be able to win tickets for the Tiki bad in Duinrell! Form a team with your friends and try to complete as many challenges as possible that are listed on the Crazy 64! Go to wisv.ch/crazy64 to participate!

– Tuesday March 23, 19:45 – 22:30: Escape room
The wise owls of CH stumbled upon a great mystery and need you to solve it! Join the escape room for free with a team of 3-5 people on Zoom and maybe you can solve this unsolved mystery…
IMPORTANT: There is a deadline for the registrations! Be sure to register before 23:59 on Friday the 19th of March.

– Wednesday March 24, 20:00 – 22:30: Cocktail night
Join our tropical online cocktail party with mini games on Wednesday! For € 1,− you will get a complete cocktail kit delivered to your house in Delft! Don’t live in Delft? No worries, the ingredients for the cocktails will be available on the site so you can get the ingredients yourself.
IMPORTANT: There are limited tickets available so be sure to buy them asap! Tickets will be available until 12:00 on Tuesday the 23rd of March while tickets are available.

– Thursday March 25, 20:00 – 22:30: Quiz night
On the last day we will be hosting an online gaming night where you can win a sexy tote bag with the logo of CH on the BeaCH stuffed with some CH merch! You can compete against your fellow CH members in the game ‘Eén tegen honderd (One against one hundred)’!