General Assembly 1

I am honored to invite you to the General Assembly of the Mathematics and Computer Science Study Association ‘Christiaan Huygens’ on Monday 30 August 2021 at 9:04. The first part of this meeting will be held online. If you would like to receive the documents (such as budgets) beforehand, please contact the board at

The link to join the General Assembly can be found here.

During the assembly there will be a few rules:
– Everyone is muted, except for the one talking
– When you have a question you send ‘I have a question’ in the Zoom chat and the Board will make sure you can ask your question at the end of the slide
– If you want to pick up on a comment or question of someone, you type ‘I want to pick up on …’ and the Board will make sure you can make your comment with the correct timing
– A.o.b. submissions can be done in the Zoom chatbox

The provisional agenda for this meeting is as follows:

  1. Opening − 9:04
  2. Agenda − 9:05
  3. Minutes General Assembly dated June 10, 2021 − 9:10
  4. Incoming and outgoing mail − 9:15
  5. Announcements from the Board − 9:20
  6. Final policy report − 9:30
  7. Annual Verification Committee report − 9:55
  8. Annual education report − 10:15
  9. Annual finance report − 11:05
  10. Annual secretarial report − 12:00

The next part of the General Assembly will be held physically, in Dutch. The General Assembly will continue in a tent next to the Faculty of Applied Sciences (Building 58), in which the constitution drinks will also be held. Due to COVID-19-regulations, only a limited number of people can attend. If you want to attend this part in person, you can sign up here.

  1. Farewell speech Commissioner Career Affairs  − 13:00
  2. Farewell speech Commissioner Public Relations − 13:20
  3. Farewell speech Computer Science Education Affairs − 13:40
  4. Farewell speech Applied Mathematics Education Affairs  − 14:00
  5. Farewell speech Treasurer − 14:20
  6. Farewell speech Secretary  − 14:40
  7. Election Board 2021-2022* − 15:00
  8. Farewell speech Chairman − 15:50
  9. Discharge Board 2020-2021 / Installation Board 2021-2022 − 16:00
  10. Inaugural speech Chairman − 16:15

The next part of the General Assembly will continue online or hybridly on August 31st due to the constitution drinks of Board 65.

  1. Election members Verification Committee − 16:05
  2. Discharge members Verification Committee − 16:20
  3. Installation members Verification Committee − 16:25
  4. Budget 2021-2022 − 16:35
  5. Progress / Go-No Go Lustrum Committee − 17:35
  6. A.o.b. − 18:05
  7. Question round − 18:15
  8. Closing − 18:25

During this General Assembly, Board 64 will present her annual reports and Board 65 will be elected. The new Board will continue hosting the General Assembly on Tuesday.

At Progress / Go-No Go Lustrum Committee, the Lustrum Committee will present what they have done during the summer break. They will also evaluate their Go-No Go requirements and budget.

* At ‘Election Board 2021-2022’, the following candidates will be nominated by Board 64:

ChairmanCas Wever
SecretaryLieke van der Linden
TreasurerNiels Mateijsen
Applied Mathematics Education AffairsLucy Westerweel
Computer Science Education AffairsMerel Steenbergen
Public RelationsPauline Huisman
Career AffairsGuus van Daal