General Assembly 3

Board 65 will host their third General Assembly of the year online. All members of CH are welcome to give their input about current affairs going on at the association. The link for the online meeting is

This meeting will be held online and you can register at to get a free package delivered to your home by the Board!

The provisional agenda for this meeting is as follows:
Opening − 16:05
Agenda − 16:07
Minutes General Assembly 1 dated 31 August 2021 − 16:10
Minutes General Assembly 2 dated 20 October 2021 − 16:15
Incoming and outgoing pieces − 16:20
Announcements from the Board − 16:25
Announcements from the Verification Committee − 16:35
Progress Board of Aquisitioners − 16:50
Financial update − 17:15
Education update − 17:35
House Style update − 17:50
Progress iCom − 18:05
Progress Yearbook Committee − 18:35
Progress HackDelft − 18:50
Progress GalaCie − 19:20
Progress Lustrum Committee − 19:50
Update Beheer Cloud Transfer − 20:20
A.o.b. − 20:30
Question round − 20:40
Closing − 20:50

Announcements from the Board
Would you like to know what has been going on in W.I.S.V. ‘Christiaan Huygens’ lately? The Commissioner Public Relations will ensure that you are up to date within 10 minutes!

Progress Board of Aquisitioners
There are many possibilities as a CH student to come into contact with interesting companies, take for example our lunch lectures or the company dinners. To make those collaborations possible there is a group of four within the Board called the ‘Board Of Acquisitioners’. Are you interested in what kind of collaborations CH has with companies and if the Board of Acquisitioners is on their way to their target for this year? Be sure to not miss this!

House Style update
Last General Assembly, the Commissioner of Career presented the changes that have been made for the new house style. In this General Assembly he will give an update on the recent changes and he will also present what changes will be made including their deadlines.

Progress iCom
During this presentation the iCom will reveal the location of the study trip in May 2022 and discuss the budget for the study trip.

Progress Yearbook Committee
The Yearbook Committee will reveal the theme they have chosen for this year’s Annuarium (yearbook), and present an indication for the committee budget for this year.

Progress HackDelft
The HackDelft will give an update on their progress, as well as a presentation on their budget.

Progress GalaCie
The GalaCie will announce the location for the Gala in April and present the budget. Be sure to come by to hear whether the GalaCie has passed the Go/No-Go conditions.

Progress Lustrum Committee
The first Lustrum week could be called a succes according to the Board! The Lustrum Committee will give an update on their financial report of lustrum week 1 and the activities of lustrum week 2.

Update Beheer Cloud Transfer
Beheer will give an update on the Cloud Transfer as discussed in General Assembly 6 of Board year 64. The transfer has been set in motion and Beheer will present any other plans that were made.

This agenda is provided with time indications of the start of each of the items.