General Assembly 4

I am honoured to invite you to the General Assembly of the Mathematics and Computer Science Study Association ‘Christiaan Huygens’ on Wednesday the 24th of February 2020 at 16:04. This meeting will be held online and can be joined here. If you would like to receive the documents (such as budgets) beforehand, please contact the board at

During the assembly there will be a few rules:
– Everyone is muted, except for the one talking
– When you have a question you send ‘I have a question’ in the Zoom chat and the Board will make sure you can ask your question at the end of the slide
– If you want to pick up on a comment or question of someone, you type ‘I want to pick up on …’ and the Board will make sure you can make your comment with the correct timing
– A.o.b. submissions can be done in the Zoom chatbox

‘Borrel’ Delivery
Will you be attending General Assembly 4 online and would you like to get some snacks and a drink delivered to your home in Delft? Fill in this form and the Board will deliver something to you personally on the 24th of February during the day!
Note: Registrations for this delivery are open until the 20th of February at 23.59.

The provisional agenda for this meeting is as follows:
Opening − 16:04
Agenda − 16:05
Minutes General Assembly 3 dated 17th of December 2020 − 16:06
Incoming and outgoing documents − 16:08
Announcements from the Board − 16:12
Announcements from the Verification Committee − 16:25
Activities update − 16:40
Semi-annual Edcuation Report − 16:50
Semi-annual Financial Report and progress Board of Acquisitions − 17:25
Progress policy Board 64 − 18:00
Election members of merit − 18:25
New book contract − 18:55
Progress Dies committee − 19:15
A.o.b. − 19:35
Question round − 19:40
Closing − 19:45

This agenda is provided with time indications of the start of each of the items.

Semi-annual Edcuation Report
The officers of education affairs of Board 64 will present the developments within both studies. Be sure not to miss this part if you want to know which educational improvements they have made!

Semi-annual Financial Report and progress Board of Acquisitions
Want to know how the financial health of the association is doing? The Treasurer of Board 64 will summarize the first financial half-year, highlighting all of the interesting changes with respect to last year. She will also present a prognosis for the second half of the year.

Progress Policy Board 64
Before the start of the year, Board 64 created a policy of all the things the Board wants to improve or add throughout their Board year. During this General Assembly the Board will update you on all the progress they have made implementing their policy.

Election Members of Merit
Every year, members of W.I.S.V. ‘Christiaan Huygens’ are put forward to become a Member of Merit as they have contributed an exceptional amount to the association. Do you want to know who the Board will put forward? During this point on the agenda, a vote will be taken to elect the new Members of Merit.

Progress Dies committee
Are you wondering what the Dies Natalis (birthday) of the association will look like this year? The Dies committee will present all the activities and their budget for the week of celebrations!

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