General Assembly 6

I am honoured to invite you to the General Assembly of the Mathematics and Computer Science Study Association ‘Christiaan Huygens’ on Thursday the 10th of June 2021 at 16:04. This meeting will be held online and the link will be made available on this page at a later time. If you would like to receive the documents (such as budgets) beforehand, please contact the board at 

You can join the General Assembly here!

During the assembly there will be a few rules:
– Everyone is muted, except for the one talking
– When you have a question you send ‘I have a question’ in the Zoom chat and the Board will make sure you can ask your question at the end of the slide
– If you want to pick up on a comment or question of someone, you type ‘I want to pick up on …’ and the Board will make sure you can make your comment with the correct timing
– A.o.b. submissions can be done in the Zoom chatbox

‘Borrel’ Delivery

Will you be attending General Assembly 6 online and would you like to get some free snacks and a drink delivered to your home in Delft? Fill in this form and the Board will deliver something to you personally on the 10th of June between 10:00-12:00 in the morning!
Note: Registrations for this delivery are open until the 7th of June at 23.59.


The provisional agenda for this meeting is as follows:

  1. Opening − 16:04
  2. Agenda − 16:05
  3. Minutes General Assembly 5 dated 31st of March 2021 − 16:06
  4. Incoming and outgoing documents − 16:08
  5. Announcements from the Board − 16:12
  6. Announcements from the Verification Committee − 16:25
  7. Financial update − 16:35
  8. Education update − 16:50
  9. Progress BoA and Evaluation Social Media − 17:05
  10. Progress Lustrum Committee − 17:25
  11. Progress Freshmen Weekend and Budget − 17:55
  12. Progress Beheer − 18:20
  13. Logo & House Style update − 18:35
  14. Evaluation and Exploitation Business Tour − 19:00
  15. A.o.b. − 19:20
  16. Question round − 19:30
  17. Closing − 19:40

Progress BoA and Evaluation Social Media
Want to know whether the Board of Acquisitioners has reached their acquisition targets for the year? The Commissioner of Public Relations will tell you all about it during this presentation. Besides this, he will also present an evaluation of the sponsored social media options the association offers.

Progress Lustrum Committee
After a successful pre-Lustrum activity, the Lustrum Committee has been working hard to prepare the actual Lustrum that is happening next year. During this General Assembly they will present their plans and the budget for all the activities they will be organising.

Progress Freshmen Weekend and Budget
The past few months the WIEWIE has been working hard to prepare multiple scenario’s of the upcoming Freshmen Weekend this August. During their presentation they will present the different scenario’s and elaborate on the budget.

Progress Beheer
Behind the scenes the maintenance committee of CH ‘Beheer’ has been making preparations to transition the systems of CH to the cloud. At the General Assembly they will present their plan, as well as what the costs will be.

Logo & House Style update
After many months of giving feedback and discussing with design agency Studiopiraat, the Board has made great progress in creating the new Logo & House Style of the association. This General Assembly, the Board will give an update on the current state of this process. Besides this, you will be able to vote whether the new logo will be adopted by the association.

Evaluation and settlement Business Tour
In March, the Business Tour took place in an online form. Want to know how successful the week was? Join the presentation of the Business Tour Committee and find out!