Lunch Lecture: Supporting COVID-decisions at the ICU

In this Lunch Lecture, Prof. dr. ir. C.G. Chorus (from the faculty TPM) will present a novel way to codify medical knowledge and to make it available to support medical decision making.

“The approach, developed at TU Delft and commercialized by its spin-off Councyl, is based on econometric techniques developed to forecast consumer behavior; we re-conceptualize those techniques and put them to use to generate an explainable, tractable decision support system for medical experts. The approach has several advantages compared to conventional rule-based methods and more recent machine learning techniques. I will illustrate and test our approach in the context of choices made by ICU-physicians in a large Amsterdam hospital; during the ongoing pandemic, tough choices are being made concerning whom to admit to the ICU and whom not to, based on a range of medical considerations. Our decision support systems helps ICU-physicians by making their peers’ knowledge accessible, also when they are alone on the ICU-ward.”

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