Lunch Lecture: OGD

During this lunch lecture Leo Visser, technical lead at OGD, will share his experience in using automation to shift left tasks done in an IT environment. Many organizations want to automate everything but when making plans often things get to big very quickly and before you know it there is a project doomed to fail from the start. During this talk Leo will explain how OGD managed to automate a lot of very common tedious jobs for the Red Cross without this becoming a project to big to manage. By using techniques from Agile and DevOps and good architectural practices the project was streamline and transformed to a continues optimization cycle which still works now. This talk will show these techniques and gives you tools to improve your own workflows no matter if they are big or small.

If you join the lecture, you even get the chance to win a Sphero mini.

You can join the lecture by going to this link.

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