Lustrum Longsleeves

Do you want to be part of the awesome lustrum 2021 of CH and take a memorable piece home to never forget this Lustrum! Then our merchandise is perfect for you!
This year the merchandise will be limited and we designed 2 longsleeves for you! These longsleeves are 100% cotton and are delivered in two beautiful colors. Cool pink and soft blue!
This longsleeve is of perfect fabric with our beautiful lustrum owl logo on your chest, the beautiful name of Christiaan Huygens in the back of your neck and the most awesome name: Connect, on the right sleeve!

To make sure we stay sustainable, we have a pre-sale of our merchandise! Buy your longsleeve here AND fill in the form at After closing the pre-sale we order the right amount of beautiful Lustrum merchandise and we will get them delivered as soon as possible!
kisses from the 13th lustrum

PS: If your still doubting which color will fit you the best or if you want to see how the longsleeves look like irl, two samples (the blue and pink) are displayed at CH! So run to CH if you want to see these 2 masterpieces!

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