SjaarCie Online Algorhythm

Tired of studying and ready for a party??

Join this years edition of the SjaarCie Party: Algorhythm. On the 17th of February, from 21:00h, there will be a YouTube livestream, streaming the party live from the Auditorium on campus! With DJ PJ as main artist, you (and your housemates) will have the most epic evening of this lockdown.

The line-up will be:
OLM (Bastiaan & Boaz) (21:00-23:00)
DJ PJ (23:00-01:00)
OLM (Bastiaan & Boaz) (01:00-02:00)

The stream is free and the you can find the link will here. You will also receive the link in your email by buying the free stream ticket.

From 21:00-22:00 the SjaarCie will organize the Sjaarslympics where you and your housemates can show your beerpong skills in a beerpong tournament! Sign up for the beerpong tournament using the following form:

You can use your own beerpong cups and balls or…

We also have a limited-edition party proof package including everything you need for the beerpong tournament, a fun evening and more! Get your limited-edition package for just 4 euros. Note: for the party package you need to live in Delft, because SjaarCie will deliver these packages in person. If you’re going to party with your housemates you can also join with just one party package!

For the party package you you first have to buy a ticket and then fill in the following form:

This party package contains: 20 red cups, 2 pingpong balls, dice, re-usable ‘spies’ straw and USB disco light!

We wish to see you all there.

Greetings, The SjaarCie

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