Pre Lustrum: Canoeing Friday

On May 7, the lustrum activity will take place!

During this activity we will be canoeing in the Abtswoudse Bos in Delft! The event will take place according to the current COVID 19 guidelines. Only 32 people can participate on this day, so be quick! The event will start at 5 and last until 8! So you will have a canoe at your disposal for three hours, but you can also stop earlier if you want!

There will be 1 and 2 person canoes. We have a total of 10 one person canoes and 8 two person canoes. When you buy a ticket, you will also receive the very first official Lustrum merchandise, to be used while canoeing!

After buying a ticket, we ask you to fill out the following form:

Here you can let us know in what kind of canoe you want to go and with whom. We will try to make the best possible arrangement! Later you will receive the final classification!

We hope to see you there, until then!

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