On the 1st of May the MatCH committee will host a rally! You and your team will start the unforgettable day in Delft, in a timeslot between 9:00 and 12:00, from where on you will have to solve puzzles to find the correct route. 🛣️ During the trip, you will encounter more puzzles and mysteries. Your team has to work together to be as quickly as possible at the end location. 📍 There will also be lots of other CHallenges during the day as well that you can complete to earn more points! Tickets are only €2, including a nice goodie bag and the chance to win an epic prize if your team wins the rally! 🥳 You also have the option to pay €0,50 extra in order to compensate for your CO2 emission during the rally. From this extra money, the MatCH committee will plant trees.

Make sure all of your teammates buy a ticket on this page and one of the team members fills in the google form at wisv.ch/rallyform 📝.

You can sign up for the rally up and until the 23rd op April at 23:59. If you sign up before the 16th of April at 23:59, you will have the chance to win a JBL speaker you might want to use during the rally 🔊.

PS: Each team needs a car and an android phone. If no one in your team has an android phone, let the MatCH committee know by sending an email to match@ch.tudelft.nl. Then we can find a solution together!

Also, if you do not have a team, but you do want to participate in the Rally, you can send an email to match@ch.tudelft.nl and we might find a team for you.

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