Start-up event at Yes!Delft

On the 29th of November we will organize a new event such that you can experience the start-up environment, in collaboration with Yes!Delft Students. A few start-ups will come and give a talk about what they do. The participating start-ups will be announced later on. Also Yes!Delft Students themselves will give a talk about start-ups in general.
If you are interested in start ups, either working at one or setting one up by yourself, get your ticket!
NOTE: the time schedule has been moved to 15:45-18:00, because of the corona measurements. There will be no drinks included anymore, so the ticket price has changed to 1 euro. 2 euros will be refunded to the persons that have already bought a ticket. You will be contacted for this. In that case your ticket will still be valid.

Get your ticket now