LunCH Lecture – ING

Floriana from ING will come by and give a nice talk during the lunch lecture.

About Floriana:
Floriana works as a Data Scientist in the Fraud & Cybersecurity team at ING. She received the M.Sc. in Physics from University of Paris XI and completed the PhD in High-Energy Astrophysics in École polytechnique, France.

This is what Floriana is going to tell:
ING is home to different data science applications – one of the fastest-growing fields on the past decade. During this presentation, I am going to talk about different data science applications at ING. I will show a few advanced machine learning techniques and how they are used to prevent financial fraud, reduce loan defaults, and automate the lending process. At the end, I am going to share learnings from my personal experience by shifting my carrier path from academia to ING.

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