General Assembly 1

Dear member,

I am honoured to invite you to the General Assembly of the Mathematics and Computer Science Study Association ‘Christiaan Huygens’ on Monday 4 September 2023 at 09:06. This meeting will be held in de Snijderszaal of faculty EEMCS at Mekelweg 4 in Delft.

The provisional agenda for this meeting is as follows:

    1. Opening − 09:06
    2. Agenda − 09:08
    3. Minutes General Assembly 5 dated 7 June 2023 − 09:10
    4. Incoming and outgoing pieces − 09:15
    5. Announcements from the Board − 09:20
    6. Announcements from the Verification Committee − 09:30
    7. Final Policy Report − 09:45
    8. Annual Verification Committee Report − 10:15
    9. Annual Education Report − 10:35
    10. Annual Financial Report − 11:15
    11. Annual Secretarial Report − 12:10

The Farewell and Inaugural speeches will be held in Dutch.

    1. Farewell speech Commissioner of Career Affairs − 13:00
    2. Farewell speech Commissioner of Public Relations − 13:15
    3. Farewell speech Commissioner of Computer Science Education Affairs − 13:30
    4. Farewell speech Commissioner of Applied Mathematics Education Affairs − 13:45
    5. Farewell speech Treasurer − 14:00
    6. Farewell speech Secretary − 14:15
    7. Election Board 2023-2024 − 14:30
    8. Farewell speech Chair − 15:15
    9. Discharge Board 2022-2023 / Installation Board 2023-2024 − 15:30
    10. Inaugural speech Chair − 15:45

The next part of the General Assembly will continue on Tuesday 5 September at 16:07 due to the constitution drinks of Board 67.

  1. Election Verification Committee 2023-2024 − 16:07
  2. Discharge Verification Committee 2022-2023 − 16:30
  3. Installation Verification Committee 2023-2024 − 16:35
  4. Budget 2023-2024 − 16:40
  5. Settlement LANcie − 17:40
  6. Settlement iCom − 18:40
  7. Collaborations with fossil fuel companies − 19:10
  8. A.o.b. − 20:00
  9. Question round − 20:10
  10. Closing − 20:15

Announcements from the Board
Would you like to know what has been going on in W.I.S.V. ‘Christiaan Huygens’ lately? The Commissioner of Public Relations will ensure that you are up to date within 10 minutes!

Announcements from the Verification Committee
The Verification Committee will present their feedback about the Board and their policy progress.

Final Policy Report
During the Final Policy Report, the Chair will look back on how the Board applied their policy during the entirety of the academic year 2022-2023.

Annual Verification Committee Report
The Verification Committee will give an extended summary of how the Board did and how the Board implemented their policy during the entire academic year of 2022-2023.

Annual Education Report
The Commissioners of Education Affairs will present their annual education report, in which they will look back on the studies and their improvements for the past year.

Annual Financial Report
The Treasurer will present the annual financial report, in which they will look back on the financial affairs of the association of the past year.

Annual Secretarial Report
The Secretary will present the annual secretarial report, in which they will look back on all the activities that the association and the Board organized and participated in.

Farewell speeches
During the farewell speeches, every single board member of Board 66 will reflect on their year and all the fun times they had together.

Election Board 2023-2024
The election for the new Board will take place. Potential Boards will present their policy, after which the General Assembly will choose the new Board for year 2023-2024. The following candidates will be nominated by Board 66:

Chair Isabelle Elias
Secretary Joshua Gort
Treasurer Fleur Maasland
Applied Mathematics Education Affairs Adnan Husain Cornelissen
Computer Science Education Affairs Robert van Dijk
Public Relations Misha Kaptein
Career Affairs Margot van de Klok

Election Verification Committee 2023-2024
With Board 67 installed, a new Verification Committee also needs to be elected. Potential Verification Committees will present their policy, after which the General Assembly will choose a new Verification Committee.

Budget 2023-2024
The Treasurer would like to present the budget for the book year 2023-2024, during which the entire budget for W.I.S.V. ‘Christiaan Huygens’ will be discussed.

Settlement LANcie
After a successful LAN party from 12 May until 14 May, the LANcie is now ready to present its final settlement.

Settlement iCom
The iCom will be ready to present their final settlement after an amazing trip to Copenhagen from 30 May until 4 June.

Collaborations with fossil fuel companies
Agenda item submitted by members
Given the ongoing efforts of the study association W.I.S.V. ‘Christiaan Huygens’ to prioritise sustainability, we (Joep de Jong, Jari de Keijzer, Julian van Dijk & Arian Joyandeh) hereby seek to initiate a conversation regarding our stance on the fossil fuel industry and companies that have been identified as “accelerating dangerous climate change.” In light of this, we aim to propose a list of companies with whom we should abstain from engaging in direct collaboration. To inform our decision-making process, we have thoroughly examined the potential ramifications of such choices and would like to present our key considerations.

To summarise our proposal concisely, we recommend ceasing all collaborations with both Oil and Gas companies, as well as those specifically identified as “accelerating dangerous climate change” according to the Klimaatcrisis Index developed by the Milieudefensie organization. Furthermore, we acknowledge the existence of a grey area encompassing companies that are marked as “doing nothing to prevent dangerous climate change” by Mileudefensie. In these cases, we propose exercising caution and being more discerning when considering potential collaborations with such companies.

General Information
This agenda is provided with time indications of the start of each of the items.

As second part of the General Assembly will be held in the evening, it is possible to order a meal of Eazie in advance (at your own cost) for 5 September. This is possible until Monday 4 September at the Board in the association room or by sending an email to Meals will be delivered to the Snijderszaal on 5 September at 18:00.

As a member you have the right to look into the documents of this General Assembly 7 days in advance. If you want to do this to prepare for the General Assembly, please contact the Board to make an appointment. The articles of association, the by-laws and the covenant are already available on our website (

I look forward to seeing you at the meeting.

Kind regards,

Els Brouwer
of W.I.S.V. ‘Christiaan Huygens’

Joshua Gort
E.P.A. Secretary
of W.I.S.V. ‘Christiaan Huygens’