General Assembly 4

Dear member,

I am honoured to invite you to the General Assembly of the Mathematics and Computer Science Study Association ‘Christiaan Huygens’ on Wednesday 20 December 2023 at 16:07. This meeting will be held in the Snijderszaal of faculty EEMCS at Mekelweg 4 in Delft.

The provisional agenda for this meeting is as follows:

Opening − 16:07
Agenda − 16:08
Minutes General Assembly 2 dated 24th of October 2023 − 16:10
Minutes General Assembly 3 dated 16th of November 2023 − 16:15
Incoming and outgoing pieces − 16:17
Announcements from the Board − 16:20
Announcements from the Verification Committee − 16:30
Progress Board of Acquisitioners − 16:45
Financial Update − 17:05
Education Update − 17:25
Progress AnnuCie − 17:45
Progress Dies Committee − 18:00
Progress Business Tour Committee − 18:15
Dinner Break − 18:30
Progress iCom − 19:00
Progress HackDelft Committee − 19:45
Policy for Board members joining association activities − 20:15
A.o.b. − 20:45
Question round − 21:00
Closing − 21:07

Announcements from the Board
Would you like to know what has been going on in W.I.S.V. ‘Christiaan Huygens’ lately? The Commissioner of Public Relations will ensure that you are up to date within 10 minutes!

Announcements from the Verification Committee
The Verification Committee will present their feedback about the Board and their policy progress.

Progress Board of Acquisitioners
There are many possibilities as a CH member to come into contact with interesting companies, take our lunch lectures or the company dinners. To make those collaborations possible there is a group of four within the Board called the ‘Board Of Acquisitioners’. Are you interested in what kind of collaborations CH has with companies and if the Board of Acquisitioners is on their way to their target for this year? Be sure to not miss this!

Financial Update
During this presentation the Treasurer will inform everyone about the financial situation of the association.

Education Update
Education is of course an important part of the study association. So important that two board members are working on it full-time. During this presentation, the Commisioner of Applied Mathematics Education Affairs and the Commisioner of Computer Science Education Affairs will provide a comprehensive update on the important changes in education and the policy issues they have been working on.

Progress AnnuCie
The AnnuCie will reveal the theme they have chosen for this year’s Annuarium (yearbook), and present an indication for the committee budget for this year.

Progress Business Tour
During the previous General Assembly, a go/no-go condition was agreed upon with the Business Tour Committee. During this presentation, the committee will present whether they have met this condition. They will also provide an update on the current affairs regarding the Business Tour. Beyond that, they will present a budget change regarding the amount of participants.

Progress iCom
During this presentation the iCom will reveal the location of the study trip in May 2024 and discuss the budget for the study trip.

Progress HackDelft Committee
During this presentation the HackDelft committee will discuss the progress they made for their Hackathon in May 2024.

Policy for Board members joining association activities
Agenda item submitted by members
There should be a policy about how many Board members join activities organized by the association in function, taking up a spot of a “regular” participant. This policy should not contain rules, but guidelines instead, so that for every event, the number of Board members joining can still be finetuned.
Guidelines are needed so that both the safety and the rights of the members can be guaranteed for all events.

General Information
This agenda is provided with time indications of the start of each of the items.

As a member you have the right to look into the documents of this General Assembly 7 days in advance. If you want to do this to prepare for the General Assembly, please contact the Board to make an appointment. The articles of association, the by-laws and the covenant are already available on our website (

As the meeting will be held in the evening, it is possible to order Simplymeals in advance (at your own cost). This is possible until 15:30 on 20 December by signing up at this link. Meals will be delivered to the Snijderszaal on 20 December at 18:30.

I look forward to seeing you at the meeting.

Kind regards,

Joshua Gort
of W.I.S.V. ‘Christiaan Huygens’