General Assembly 8

Dear member,

We are honoured to invite you to the General Assembly of the Mathematics and Computer Science Study Association ‘Christiaan Huygens’ on Monday 10 June 2024 at 16:07. This meeting will be held in theSnijderszaalof faculty EEMCS at Mekelweg 4 in Delft.

The provisional agenda for this meeting is as follows:

  1. Opening − 16:07
  2. Agenda − 16:08
  3. Minutes General Assembly 7 dated 27th of May 2024 − 16:10
  4. Incoming and outgoing pieces − 16:15
  5. Announcements from the Board − 16:20
  6. Announcements from the Verification Committee − 16:30
  7. Progress Board of Acquisitioners − 16:45
  8. Financial Update − 17:00
  9. Freshmen Weekend Budget − 17:30
  10. Business Tour Financial Settlement − 18:00
  11. NWERC 2024 Budget − 18:15
  12. Dinner break − 18:45
  13. Changing Articles of Association − 19:15
  14. Changing By-laws − 19:45
  15. A.o.b. − 20:15
  16. Question round − 20:25
  17. Closing − 20:30

Announcements from the Board

Would you like to know what has been going on in W.I.S.V. ‘Christiaan Huygens’ lately? The Commissioner Public Relations will ensure that you are up to date within 10 minutes!

Announcements from the Verification Committee

The Verification Committee will present their feedback about the Board and their policy progress.

Progress Board of Acquisitioners

There are many possibilities as a CH student to come into contact with interesting companies, take for example our lunch lectures or the company dinners. To make those collaborations possible there is a group of four within the Board called the ‘Board Of Acquisitioners’. Are you interested in what kind of collaborations CH has with companies and if the Board of Acquisitioners is on their way to their target for this year? Be sure to not miss this!

Financial Update

During this presentation the Treasurer will inform everyone about the financial situation of the association.

Freshmen Weekend Budget

The Freshmen Weekend will take place from the 9th to the 11th of August and the WIEWIE is responsible for the budget of the weekend. They will present this during this presentation.

Business Tour Financial Settlement

After a great Business Tour, the Business Tour Committee will present their financial settlement.

NWERC 2024 Budget

The Northwestern Europe Regional Contest (NWERC) is a programming contest where the winners from all regional contests in Northwestern Europe will compete against each other. This year, the contest will be held in Delft and the CHipCie will organise it. During this presentation, they will show the plans and the budget for NWERC 2024.

The presentations of the changing of the Articles of Association and By-laws will be given in Dutch, due to language technicalities.

Changing Articles of Association

A vote will be held on the changing of the Articles of Association. The proposed changes are to be found in the documents at A draft of the deed created by the Notary (contents the same as at will be available seven days before the General Assembly.

After a successful vote, the deed will be signed by the Board, and the new Articles of Association will go in effect.

Changing By-laws

A vote will be held on the changing of the By-laws. The proposed changes are to be found in the documents at

General Information

This agenda is provided with time indications of the start of each of the items.

As a member you have the right to look into the documents of this General Assembly 7 days in advance. If you want to do this to prepare for the General Assembly, please contact the Board to make an appointment. The articles of association, the by-laws and the covenant are already available on our website (

I look forward to seeing you at the meeting.

Kind regards,

Joshua Gort


of W.I.S.V. ‘Christiaan Huygens’

Sophie van der Linden

EPA Secretary

of W.I.S.V. ‘Christiaan Huygens’