LunCH Lecture – Infiniot


Infiniot is a dynamic IT consultancy firm, facilitating the energy transition from our home in Eindhoven on the High Tech Campus. Our team of IT specialists are part of the projects that form the backbone that drives the energy transition, which is a big shift towards a sustainable energy ecosystem. We’re collaborating with major players in the Dutch energy market with innovative and big scale projects that make a lasting impact. With expertise spanning Data Science, Data Engineering, Software Development, and Security, we’re shaping tomorrow’s energy solutions.

Energy Management System (EMS)

The energy transition from fossil-based systems to renewable energy sources puts a lot of pressure on businesses to adapt. There is congestion in the electrical grid, which prevents businesses from expanding, because of limited transport capacity. In addition, there are new expenses, for instance carbon taxes and higher energy prices. An Energy Management System (EMS) can tackle these problems by intelligently managing the energy production and consumption of assets, such as batteries, solar panels and EV charging stations. We helped one of our clients build a battery charging model, which uses peak shaving and time shifting to facilitate the customer’s needs. To make this possible, a lot of different sources of data are required. The distributed processing of big data sources, such as weather data and sensor data, will be explained in depth. Furthermore, we will explain how certain machine learning models are built that facilitate the final optimization model, which is responsible for managing the battery.

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