LunCH Lecture: Big data in Anesthesiology and Perioperative Care

The lecture will be given by Felix van Lier and Nestor Parolya.

Anesthesiology is an unknown concept for most people and one that people only come into contact with during an operation. To improve perioperative care, the Anesthesiology department at Erasmus MC uses as much ‘big data’ available during operations as possible to make patient-specific predictions and provide more personalized care during and after surgery. The intelligent use of all available hospital data can provide patient-specific predictions and allow us to provide more personalized care to our patients during and after surgery. Given the complexity of big data, we are often confronted with mathematical problems, which are simply too complex for doctors to handle. We believe that the best solution to tackle these complex questions can be found by combining knowledge from experts with a technical background with experts with a medical background.

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