HackDelft is the second hackathon organized by TU Delft’s W.I.S.V ‘Christiaan Huygens’. Join 100 other students interested in math, computer science or design for 24 hours of learning, building, and having fun. We’re excited to work with our four premium partners (Booking.com, Deloitte, MICompany and ORTEC Finance) to provide HackDelft-exclusive tools and data for you to hack with this year!

So, what will this hackathon look like? On Saturday April 28th , the doors open at noon and our 100 student hackers will start to stream in: an introduction featuring a renowned speaker from the tech industry, and short pitches for each of the cases. There will be 3 rounds of workshops in which you will be prepared for the long night of hacking. Hereafter it’s time to pitch your ideas to the jury and who knows, maybe, you go home with one of the cool prizes!

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