Dies Week


Come to the dies opening! During this opening honorary chairman Leon Rothkrantz will give a speech and the certificates for the members of merits and the honorary chairman will be handed out. Feel free to come to the dies reception after the dies opening and have a toast to the association!

Members Lunch

Studying is hard, you deserve a break! Come and enjoy a nice lunch with mocktails in the /Pub with your study mates to recharge.


Who is the Owl?

Are you Super fan of “wie is de mol” or just love playing games. Then whole is the mole is the perfect activity for you. Come join us in finding out who is sabotaging everything and maybe even win amazing prizes.


Craft Beer Stock ExCHange

Do you want to invest, but do you always end up in the dump after the pump? Then we have some premium insider information for you! The next big thing will be… CRAFT BEER!!! And during the stock exchange, you will be able to get right into the action and snipe those beers for the lowest prices known to man! So be there and do not miss this bull run!


Workshop: Ice Sculpting

Have you ever wanted to create a cool sculpture, but got cold feet at the end? Now is your time to break the ice with your fellow students during this creative, but chill workshop!


Excursion: Corpus

Ever wondered what being hungover really means? After a week full of fun activities and parties we got one last, but certainly not least, event. Join us on an adventure through the wonder that we call the human body and get answers to all your questions at CORPUS!