Existing search solutions in the legal industry have not evolved for decades and only provide keyword-based searches. Results are therefore not exhaustive, less relevant and the entire process is time-consuming. At Bluetick, we teach computers to actually understand legal language. Underlying natural language processing algorithms detect context in searches and documents which allows lawyers to find all relevant legal documentation in a fraction of the time compared to alternatives.

Our goal is to assist legal professionals in their daily research activities by combining state of the art NLP models with a high focus on user experience. As a recent or upcoming computer science graduate, your task at Bluetick would be to join our product team and assist in training, finetuning, and deploying the next generation of NLP models. Our algorithms can recognize references to law articles, classify parts of text, such as facts or arguments, and recognize paraphrases and other similarities between different parts of texts.

Bluetick aims at keeping a close connection with the latest developments and trends in our fields of interest (Information Retrieval, Natural Language Understanding and Natural Language Processing in general).  With recent developments still made by Transformer models, the abilities for computers to understand language have become endless. If you’re interested in Information Retrieval or Natural Language Processing, and you like to do research, but also want to see your research productionalized, come have a chat with us on the W.I.S.V. ‘Christiaan Huygens’ Career Day!