At we want to create an autonomous environment, where you get the trust to pioneer. Together as a team, but also you as a person. We want to be better and stronger together. We believe that with being mindful to each other, and create a place where everybody gets a seat at the table just as who they are, only then we enable us to live up to our promise of truly being de winkel van ons allemaal. 

Our road to where we are now:

In 1999 we opened our virtual doors of the first online bookstore in the Netherlands. Nowadays we change retail to make everyday life easier together with more than 2500 colleagues. This is where we are right now:

12 million customers in the Netherlands and Belgium

140 million visits per month at our platform

34 million products in store

7000 pick-up points in the Netherlands & Belgium

47.000 partners who sell on our platform

More than 2500 bol.commers. Still counting.

50.000 m2 of warehouse in Waalwijk. 

Want to join?
You can be a part of this. Not everybody knows, but we are not just an online store. We are so much more. We want to innovate every day, and with that we need the best people. Because is its people. We want to be de winkel van ons allemaal. And therefore we need you. Please visit for all awesome challenges!


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