Keywords: financial risk management, data analysis, programming, R, Python

If you like to use data analysis to work on optimization problems, then TOP-Advisory is the perfect place to apply your knowledge and skills in practice.

TOP-Advisory was founded in early 2020 by Harm Mulder, Jeroen Koppenens and Roderick Loeber.
They are trained as econometricians/actuaries and have worked for a considerable period of time at various consultancy organizations. We believe that with a background of actuarial services and risk
management TOP -Advisory will be able to apply these quantitative skills and knowledge both within the actuarial sector as well as outside.

Therefore, TOP-Advisory focuses on two work streams. On the one hand, we focus on the financial market, in particular traditional insurance companies. This way our advisors will have up-to-date knowledge of actuarial techniques. On the other hand, we explore opportunities/markets outside the financial sector. Using the statistical techniques acquired in the actuarial world combined with the latest developments in advanced data science, we support clients outside the actuarial world. For a consultant to be successful, it is key to turn (often) difficult analyses into easy to understand solutions for our clients.

If you want to take on this challenge with us, we would like to meet you. You could be working with TOP-Advisory as a working student working on a thesis/internship or to kick-start your professional life!

See you soon!


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